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Solid Tire Press Machine

If you run a business and your main transport for product is your forklifts you understand the need for maintenance on your forklift tires that use solid tires. You need your forklifts up and running and tires do not need to stand in your way. If you have the Hydraulic Forklift Tire Press you can get your forklifts back on the company floor with the speed of your production crew.

You need a dependable Hydraulic Forklift Tire Press now so you can keep your fleet of forklifts going without a hitch. If your whole business depends on it? You need this machine for your Forklifts so you can get it repaired and get it done and keep it done. No more waiting on lengthy repairs and no being down to four forklifts when you are used to using five. You will have your fleet on the go and doing production and when its heavy production this will put your forklifts back in the race quickly.
Solid Tire Press

The Features of our Hydraulic Forklift Tire Press:

  • Large cylinder rod that provides platen stability and longer seal life
  • The parts on this machine are all hydraulic and easily available throughout the US.
  • It has a Pressure Regulator to limit rim pressure
  • Double acting cylinder that permits pressing as well as return
  • It has a high capacity Six Gallon Hydraulic oil reservoir
  • With a low pressure hydraulic system that maintains lower oil temperatures resulting in safety and efficiency
  • Hydraulic power lift for vertical displacement of head assembly and a height of sixteen inches travel
  • It has a Cylinder activation that is fingertip controlled and the more the hand lever in engaged the more ram movement is accelerated. The operator has more control to use the proper speeds for the task.

The way to use the Hydraulic Forklift Tire Press and this is a solid tire press as well is to help in the separation of the tire from the rim. This is very important when replacing your forklift tires. Once the solid tire is separate from the steel rim you can begin placing the new solid tire on the steel rim.

To make sure that the replacement solid tire is perfectly mounted on the rim you need to press it in to place and this is exactly where the hydraulic forklift tire press comes in. This is so easy you can train your whole staff to do it and swiftly too. No more waiting on maintenance. This is the perfect addition to any company who is dependent upon their forklifts for business. There is no sense in waiting to get yours today and get your forklifts going and keep them going with this great machine.

The cost of sending out your forklifts for this alone will be gone and quickly it will pay for itself because the nails from pallets and let’s face it your crew runs over things they shouldn’t with the forklift and solid tires need replacing constantly. They need replacing more than the battery does in some instances if you are working with a lot of wooden pallets daily and heavy product. If you keep your forklift solid tires up your shop runs more efficiently and safely.